Custom Website Questionnaire

Thanks for partnering with us at Launch! What you’ll find are placeholder elements for copy such as headers and body paragraphs with different purposes. Each section on the website is available in this questionnaire. Simply go through the questionnaire and provide us with the copy that you want to be written for each section.

What you write will be placed in the proper section on your new website. If there are any sections that you don’t want to include on your site, let us know in your response that you won’t be needing it and we’ll make sure it’s not include it.
In addition to the copy, please provide us with your images that you want displayed on your website. But keep in mind the quality of your images to avoid having pixelated photos on your website. To add to the quality of your images, try and keep the header photos to 1920px wide. Anything smaller might affect the condition of the image. Now that we’ve got that all figured out, let’s get started!

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